Public perception is that bodyguards are only for famous people, but this is no longer necessarily the case. With the decreased cost and increased availability of personal protection, it is now more accessible than ever. Certain positions, increased attention, and particular situations may call for the use of personal protection. How do you know if you need a personal bodyguard? Here are 5 people who should consider personal protection:

5 People Who May Need a Bodyguard

  1. CEOs and Executives often use private security to protect themselves from various threats to their personal safety. Being in control of companies ranging in the millions to a billion dollars presents unique safety risks. They may use bodyguards to protect themselves from disgruntled employees, kidnapping, and corporate crimes.
  2. Money and Valuables Handlers hire bodyguards to protect them from anyone who may want to steal what they are handling or transporting. A bodyguard will stand watch on your surroundings at all times, detecting suspicious behavior, and ensuring you and your possessions are protected.
  3. Targets of Attention such as lottery winners, witnesses to crimes, and other sudden increases in attention may want to consider private protection. Being in the public eye, even if momentarily, can bring threats to personal safety. Hiring a personal bodyguard can help you maintain peace of mind.
  4. Divorcees and Victims of Domestic Disputes may consider hiring personal security if they feel they are still under threat. These situations are rarely pleasant. When emotions are high, sometimes people threaten and hurt each other. A bodyguard can oversee all visits between spouses who are in conflict to ensure the safety of both parties.
  5. Wealthy Individuals often hire private protection to protect themselves from thieves and those who may want to harm them. It is no secret thieves generally target wealthier individuals and residences. Being in the limelight also ensures you will have people who dislike you. In either case, private security will provide you and your family with safety and peace of mind.

Protect Yourself and Those You Love

Private Security has never been more affordable or accessible. If you feel you are in need of personal protection for any reason, consider hiring a personal bodyguard. ITUS Security agency are a team of highly-trained individuals with extensive background in military and law enforcement. Contact Us for more information on personal security or to setup an appointment.